Awake Business

Beyond Capitalism

Beyond Entrepreneurship

It takes a village. Welcome to a new type of collaborative ecosystem, made up of entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.An Awake Business represents Capitalism 2.0, leveraging the network-of-networks effect, where win/win is the default.Awake Businesses are powered by advanced new AI and FinTech clouds, welcome to the new Internet economy.

Beyond Networking

Awake Ventures is a community for all things entrepreneurship, growth, private equity, and venture capital. Join today and meet global founders, executives, and investors.Share your story with the world, learn from top dreamers and doers, and grow with everyone. #BuildTogether #BuildInPublicDiscover Effective Humanism with Awake Ventures, scale with humanity.

Beyond Internet

Awake is just better, faster, cheaper:

Beyond Protocols

Some new protocols in the labs, reach out for early collaboration:

Beyond Launching

Get started with your new Awake Internet Business, launch your US-based global platform venture with 1-click, virtually from anywhere in the world.Remember to fail fast, to fail forward, to have fun, and to make an impact:

Beyond Web3

Leverage these services to scale even more, across more platforms and countries:

Beyond Futurism

Some new tools and services in the works, reach out for early access:

Beyond Clients

Check out a few Awake Businesses, the folks who run these networks are now more friends than clients.Unleash the power of community!

Initialize an Awake Business

Awake Init (Corporate, Legal Setup, Bank, Payments, one time) $2,200
Awake Disrupt (Market Platform, design + dev, one time) $7,700
Awake Network (Community Platform, yearly) $1,200

Blitzscale an Awake Business

The Rocket Ship for Growth 🚀

Disrupt Industries with Awake

Invoke the Awake Venture Protocol

GPT an Awake Business

Integrated, trained, and managed for you.

Network with the Awakened

Connect, explore, engage, venture.

Chat with AmitGPT

Virtually 24/7, starting at $44/mo